From Ivry dedicated to Ivry Gitlis (2005)

I met him by accident in a restaurant in Saint Germain. We were sitting at neighbouring tables and he was watching me. After a few minutes he asked me: are you a composer or a director? I was tempted to reply: what about you, are you a magician, a police officer or a special correspondent from some high divinity?
That’s how our friendship began, starting from an elective affinity that Ivry in his sensitive and perceptive way intuited in the confused atmosphere of a restaurant.
During our conversation in the restaurant Ivry told me that in the1972s the composer Bruno Maderna had dedicated to him a piece for solo violin entitled “Pour Ivry“. For some time I have been working on concrete sound material and so I immediately had the idea to make a piece of music based on some free improvisations: this is how “From Ivry” came into being. (…)
It seems to me that I have worked on this project in much the same way as classic portrait painters do: I was close to him day after day, on the lookout for moments of truth in apparently insignificant details. I do not know whether I have succeeded or not, but certainly Ivry’s intense emotion when he heard my “acoustic portrait” for the first time is the most beautiful memory I have of this whole surprising design that began to take shape on the canvas of chance in an Italian restaurant in Saint Germain.
Andrea Liberovici